Tony “Flyboy” Amara and David “Preacher” Cummings never desired to have ol’ ladies. As a matter of fact, they had spent their entire adult lives avoiding it. They even held on to their single statuses as their closest friends, men who were much more than club brothers, succumbed along with their own sons.

Edie Stevens and Eliza Tate lost their husbands several years ago and had given up on a second chance at love. When their older sister took a tumble and landed in a cast—the two widowed women sold their homes, closed their specialty shop on the east coast, and moved to Shades Valley to make a new start.

The day the two women witnessed two silver-headed men dressed in leather dismounting motorcycles in front of their store—the decision to relocate never looked better.

Catch up with the other men and women of the Black Hawk MC and their children as Flyboy and Preacher take the fall.


Kade “Apache” Edwards has no problem verbally laying down the MC rules, even if he needs to use physical tactics to get the point across. What he does have a problem with? Men who abuse women. He saw enough of that growing up. It’s the reason he wasn’t a novice to the different government systems: between the frequent visits from social services growing up, his introduction into foster care, to ultimately a stint in juvie—to his more recent stay in the state penitentiary, he could be classified an expert.

Though he wasn’t responsible for his early years, he wasn’t blameless in the latter. Even so, it’s his life, and Kade owns every minute of it with no apology.

Victoria Agassi is a public defender. She loves her job even when she deals with the not-so-nice clientele. She’s tough, intelligent, tenacious, and possesses the ability to handle herself in most situations. To her, they are the qualities needed in her profession and daily life. Regardless of the men around her who insist she’s not equipped to deal with some of life’s most callous criminals. Which Tori is used to hearing mainly from the males in her family who skirt the law’s edges.

Circumstances place Tori in the path of two men with unsavory pasts: one bent on revenge and the other willing to sacrifice his life to protect her. It’s a firsthand lesson on what it is to judge someone by looks and reputation.

The wrong choice not only could destroy Tori’s life, but it could keep her from experiencing life with a man who has probably starred in more than one woman’s fantasy.

Four years ago, a tragic accident not only changed Tess Bowen’s life but her daughter’s. She often wondered if she had the strength to deal with the curveball life had thrown her way. Now with a job as a nurse and a thriving daughter, those earlier worries were pushed aside—Tess finally felt her life was back on track.

Dirk Minton always knew he would be a soldier. No job or career called to him like the military. He had planned to be a lifer. Instead, as a Master Sergeant, he was faced with the obstacles an injury presented and a looming medical discharge.

Fueled by anger, Dirt felt lost and left without a purpose in life. Until an encounter with a little girl and her reminder that even battle scarred didn’t take away a soldier’s worth.

Abby Drake is starting to feel as if she’s being chased by fire. So far, she has been able to stay ahead of the flames but worries one day, they might just catch up to her. She can already feel the heat, or maybe the sexy fireman she keeps encountering is the reason for it.

All Abby knows is, either way, she could end up getting burned.

Cian O’Shea is a third-generation firefighter. He has never shied away from heat—whether it has to do with his job or personal life. However, he refuses to feel guilty about still being single instead of married and giving his parents the grandchildren, which frequently gets mentioned to whoever will listen.

The only consolation is he isn’t alone in his parents’ quest to populate the South Side of Chicago. Cian’s three brothers and four cousins are also on the receiving end of the same speech. Though he would never admit to it – he looks forward to seeing who folds first under pressure. He only knows it won’t be him.