Fire Protected

Chicago Downtown at NightKian O’Malley is a firefighter who is used to being surrounded by heat. So he refuses to feel guilty about being single instead of going in search of a wife to give his parents the grandchildren they have recently decided was needed to complete their aging lives—all thanks to his cousins from New York. The only consolation is that he is not alone in the parents’ quest to populate the South Side of Chicago because his one sister, three brothers, and four cousins are sharing the heat. He can’t wait to see who folds first under pressure, he just knows it won’t be him.

Ana Nixon finds herself being chased by fire everywhere she goes. Luckily, she seems to be able to stay ahead, which keeps her from getting burnt. The only thing she does feel from the happenstances is heat. And really, the sexy fireman she keeps encountering could be the reason for that.

Join the Bronx O’Malleys’ cousins as they fight fires and fight to keep crime at bay in Chicago, all the while dodging parents who have their own agenda for their children’s lives.