A collection of MC Club stories to support one of our own.
On April 22nd, 2021 author Wren McCabe Author was riding with her daughter and two-year-old granddaughter. At a four-way stop it was their turn to go when a delivery truck blew through without stopping hitting their truck on the driver’s side at Highway speed levels sending the pick-up they were in flying. Angels were around the granddaughter who was treated and released.
Wren and her daughter weren’t as lucky. Her daughter was airlifted to a level one trauma center. Having a torn aorta repaired, a plate eventually was put in to stabilize her C1 and C2 fractures. Fractures along the spine are now healing as well as her pelvis and nine ribs. Wren, taken to a local hospital with a broken femur, pelvis, hand, and multiple ribs.
Wren is the primary daycare provider for her granddaughter. Her son-in-law has had to take off work to be with his wife. Both Wren and her daughter are still in rehab and the hospital.
Unable to write with months of inpatient care, followed by what will be years of rehab in both their future, this anthology is dedicated to helping them.
All proceeds will go to Wren and her family to help with bills donated by the authors in this anthology.
We included Wren’s top-selling full-length novel, Roadkill.
With stories from Imani Jay , Khloe Wren , KJ Dahlen, JA Lafrance – Author , Carson Mackenzie , Julie Jilderda Berghammer , Aliyah Burke

Releases December 28, 2021

Sixteen years ago, after a tragedy, Colin “Irish” Mckenna moved back to his hometown. After the grief waned and the anger lessened, he founded the Desert Phoenix MC, becoming the youngest president on record.

When trouble from the past resurfaces, it renews the pain and anguish along with it. Leaving Irish’s son fighting for his life while Irish struggles to keep from drifting back into the same despair. Just when he feels as though he is losing the battle, she walks into the room.

Sydney Ellison is familiar with life’s struggles. She went from being raised in the foster care system to being abandoned by her boyfriend while pregnant. After the child was born with medical issues, the weight of the world pressed down on her shoulders. Instead of giving in, Sydney put herself through nursing school. Not only to support her daughter financially but to obtain the knowledge to help her medically.

When the daughter’s condition worsens, Sydney uses every bit of her strength to keep going. She refuses to show any weakness or allow life to beat her down. Sydney knows she has no choice because there is no one to lean on or help hold her up. Until she walks into the hospital room and sees him.