Standalone Releasing April 23, 2020

Touched by the Music

Four years of wasted time in a gang was nothing compared to what laid ahead for me—the rest of my life and what I chose to make of it. It would have been easier for me to head toward failure than to work my way out. But everything worthwhile comes at a cost.

 Growing up a step above poverty was an excuse I used for circumstances I hadn’t wanted to claim as my own. At least until I was smacked in the face with them. Decisions and my actions would both play roles in my success and failure.

I believe life is defined by different events that lead us to our destiny.

But what happens when events occur to two different people and cross at some point?

I’m Lucio Moretti and the answer is — My life. Her life. Our life.

Releases April 28, 2020

Flirt New eCoverMax “Flirt” Browning has watched a group of men he considers more than club brothers take the plunge into family life. As the last man standing, he’s not opposed to following them—he’s just never found the right woman. At least not before Gabriela.

With her, he could see a future. Though getting her to see that he was interested in more than a few sexual encounters a month could cost every ounce of control Flirt possessed. The control he needed as much as the air he breathes.

Gabriela Agassi has had to control every aspect of her life, from raising a daughter, to building a pediatric practice. With not much free time to pursue a relationship—and considering that when she tried, it had been one disastrous date after another—she takes matters into her own hands and visits a BDSM club.

At the club, she’d find a take-charge man to whom she could relinquish total sexual control to for a few hours. Giving her the break needed from all her responsibilities to bring balance back into her life. Balance she hasn’t had since her fiancé died.

After she’s introduced and paired with Max Browning, she wondered just how much her need for balance was going to cost her. And if she’d be willing or able to pay the price.